5 Affordable Luxury Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Enjoy (And Why I Love Gifting Them)

It’s that time again. What time you might ask? It’s almost Father’s Day. It’s time to start shopping for those special Fathers in your life. Read on to get some great suggestions on what to give this Father’s Day, and why I personally love giving these items as gifts.

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Themed Chess Set

This is probably my all-time favorite gift to give. I discovered the benefits of playing chess years ago and have been sold on the idea of giving chess sets as gifts ever since then. I generally prefer themed chess sets because they have the added benefit of doubling as home décor. Themed chess sets have a way of adding an aura of distinction to the home – or so I’ve been told. This would be a great gift for any father who does not already have one.

Fire Pit

Well, this item is new to my list this year. I had never seen one until a few months ago. I was looking at a catalog in my car repair shop when the picture of a fire pit caught the attention of a gentlemen sitting near me. He asked me what it was.  I said I didn’t know.  So, we read the description.  Then we researched it using Google. Soon everyone in the car repair shop was admiring it. 

A fire pit would be a great gift for any father who likes the great outdoors. I have quite a few fathers on my list that fit into that category.  Fire pits also have the added benefit of doubling as home décor.  I am sure this gift will be a hit!

Tablet Computer

This gift basically speaks for itself.  What father wouldn’t want to open a gift box on Father’s Day and find a brand new tablet computer? Tablet computers are all the rave these days. There’s the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface and a host of others to choose from.  With so many tablets on the market, there is definitely one that will fit any budget.

Tablet computers make great gifts for people of all ages. Recipients love them because they are portable, adaptable, and generally have longer battery life than laptops.


Giving experience gifts has become a popular trend.  Have you ever thought, “What do I give to the person who has everything?” I have. I usually give experience gifts to recipients on my list who I feel “have everything” because experience gifts are unique and can be catered to the personality of the individual.

For Father’s Day, you can give such experiences as tickets to a sporting event, a pass or membership to a museum, or even sessions with a personal trainer. The possibilities are endless. You should take time to research Father’s Day experience gifts so that you can choose an experience that perfectly fits the recipient.

I love gifting experiences because the recipient usually sees the gift as particularly thoughtful since you must know them well in order to choose an appropriate experience.


I have never been a big fan of watches, but people seem to love receiving them as gifts.  At Christmas time, they are often on people’s gift list, particularly men. Sometimes I think watches are to men as purses and shoes are to women – they can never have too many of them.  Watches come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They also vary in price. A watch would make a great gift for any father on your list.

So, what are you gifting this Father’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.