Gift giving is a way of life for us. It’s one of those things that we all do – all of the time. Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the list goes on and on….  We’re always giving gifts.

Although we’re always gifting, and most of us have had a ton of practice gift giving, how good have we really become at gift giving? Are you an expert? Is your gift giving hit-and-miss? Do your gifts surprise and delight the recipient?

Are there questions about gift giving that still sit at the forefront of your mind? Are all gifts created equal? Is it really the thought that counts when gifting? How do you find the perfect gift?

Here at That’s So Becoming, we’re on a mission to learn as much as we can about the art and science of gift giving. After all, gift giving is not just an art, it’s a science. Stick around to learn more about that as we further explore gift giving.

We’re not expert gift givers. We are seekers of knowledge about gifting so that we may become better gift givers. is where we present what we’ve learned. Find gift ideas, tips, tricks, tools, how-to’s, resources and research-based strategies to inspire your gift-giving.

We invite you to come learn with us! Help us build a knowledge base on gift giving. Become a part of our community!

Do you have questions about gift giving? Email us: info{at}thatssobecoming{dot}com