Have you ever used a gift finder to help you select a gift?

If not, you should. Especially if you’ve run out of gift ideas or just want to see what gift suggestions are out there. 

Gift finders are one of the best kept secrets of gift-giving. They allow you to select characteristics of the gift recipient. Then, the gift finder provides you with gift suggestions based on the characteristics you’ve selected.  Many of the gift suggestions are best sellers, new finds or unique products.

Because I know that you’re always on the lookout for new gift ideas, I’ve curated a list of popular gift finders. So, pin, bookmark, or save this page. Refer to it anytime you’re looking for a gift. 

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Who doesn’t shop on Amazon.com? After all, it has been coined “The Everything Store”, carrying items across many different product categories. That’s what makes it the perfect place to shop for gifts. 

The Amazon.com gift finder allows you to search by recipient, age, hobbies, interests, etc. You can filter the gift suggestions by price, deals, and whether gift wrapping is available. They carry a large selection of gifts, no matter who you’re shopping for.


Walmart Stores is a big box retailer with 10,000+ locations around the world and a formidable online presence at Walmart.com.  So, not only can you shop for a gift using Walmart’s online gift finder and have it shipped to your home, in some instances you can purchase the gift online and pick it up in-store the same day. Same-day pickup is super convenient, particularly if you’re purchasing a last minute gift.

The Walmart.com gift finder allows you to search by recipient, age, price, interest, and product category. You can filter the gift suggestions by retailer, brand, deals, etc. 


Like Walmart, Target is a big box retailer with 1,900+ stores in the United States as well as an online presence at Target.com. Although Target and Walmart are both big box retailers, Target tends to offer more upscale products. At Target.com, you have the option of purchasing a gift online and having it shipped to your home or if a nearby store has the item in stock, you can purchase the gift online and pick it up in-store, sometimes same-day. 

The Target.com gift finder allows you to search by recipient, age, price, interest, brand, etc. 

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is an online retailer that sells unique, creative and unusual gifts. They carry handpicked items sourced from around the world, accept submissions from their community of artists and designers and create their own products. Their products span a large variety of categories and are definite crowd-pleasers.

The Uncommongoods.com gift finder allows you to search by relationship, recipient, interest, etc.


Sephora is a retailer that specializes in beauty and personal care products. They operate 2,700+ stores worldwide and have an online presence at Sephora.com. For those gift recipients who are into beauty, Sephora is sure to have a gift they’ll love and appreciate. 

Sephora Gift Finder

The Sephora.com gift finder allows you to search by budget, recipient, interest, etc.

I hope these gift finders are helpful to you as you search for the perfect gift. Let us know if there are any other gift finders we should add to this list.

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