Oh my! Is it February again already? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and finding the right gift for the special lady in your life shouldn’t be another chore on the list. In fact, finding the perfect gift to make her eyes light up should be an enjoyable process.  and the following list consists of some great gift ideas for her, to help you get onto a winner.


Jewelry is hardly a unique gift for her, however, it is a classic and there is opportunity to personalize it with a message declaring your love for her or you could put the date you first met on a necklace for a real winner. You can even completely customize jewelry from adding charms, birthstones and choosing color combinations for a gift that will be uniquely hers.

Another option in the jewellery category is matching unisex couple’s jewellery. With a range of matching necklaces and rings, you can really show her how much she means to you and she is guaranteed to appreciate having one half of a heart around her neck while the other half is around yours.

Bath & Body Products

A selection of spa products in a gift set is an ideal way to relieve the stress of a long day. She will appreciate the acknowledgement that she works hard and will enjoy pampering herself with a variety of products. A spa gift box contains candles, slippers, soft hand and face towels, bath gel, bath pillow, lotion, bath mask, body butter and candles among other luxuries for a true spa experience.

Homemade Gifts

Creating homemade gifts can be daunting but with the power of idea sharing online there is no shortage of great homemade gifts that will have her astonished at how much effort you have put in. A pixilated popup card not only looks impressive but can also be made in approximately 20 minutes and you are bound to receive plaudits for the creativity shown. A step by step guide and templates can be found on the link below.

With almost everything becoming digital these days creating a mix tape (or CD) of you and your partners special song and songs that evoke memories of special occasions is sure to impress. If you want to go all out then cook her favorite dinner, light some candles and play the music selection in the background. If you’re struggling for songs to put on the mixtape have a look at this guide for inspiration.

If you want to create a feeling of romance and nostalgia at the same time, recreating your first date can be a thoughtful gift idea. Try to plan it as accurately as possible, paying attention to the minor details that will remind her why she fell in love with you in the first place. You could expand on this idea by creating a tour of all the places around town that hold significant memories for your relationship.

Experience Gifts

An experience gift can provide a day to remember and there are literally hundreds to choose from to suit her personality. Bring her on an action packed, adventurous experience if she is a thrill seeker or a spa package so she can pamper herself and relax or how about a food & wine tasting experience to excite the taste buds. You can really wow her by bringing her on a lunch/dinner cruise or take a sushi making class to learn a new skill. You can even mix the experiences and take a food market tour during the day before you take in a show and dinner in the evening. These experiences are truly unique gift ideas that will provide some great memories.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

The Flower of the month club provides a beautiful bouquet of seasonal and exotic flowers every month to her doorstep. When you sign up to the gift club you can send a gift announcement containing a personal message, information about her membership and the delivery schedule for future gifts. You have an option to sign up for 3,6 or 12 months and the club will ensure that special someone receives a new bouquet every month reminding them how much you love them. It is a fantastic gift idea and can be used to create a special date night every month when the bouquet arrives. She will certainly appreciate the continuity of this gift.

Giving any of the gifts listed above to that special someone is bound to get you off to a flyer this Valentine’s Day.