Valentine’s Day is the most auspicious and eagerly awaited day by lovers all over the world. This festival of love is not contained by any geographical boundary and universally celebrated on 14th February every year. The history of Valentine’s Day goes back to the 17th century when it became popular and by the middle of the 18th century, it was common for lovers and friends to exchange a small token of affection and love. Since then, it has become a universal expression and a celebration of love.

Love is the only feeling that is pure, selfless and divine. Be a mother’s love for her child or a kid’s love for his parents and grandparents or a couple’s love for each other, in all these cases they share an unconditional love for each other. With the start of the February month, one can notice that red color becomes dominant, love drenched feelings become stronger and love rules everywhere.

Generally, this is the day when guys who have been waiting all year proposes to their girlfriends or ask their hand. Roses are sent from some secret admirer, lovers exchange gifts and couples celebrate with a romantic candle light dinner. When we love someone we want them to be happy and express our feelings by showering them with gifts and surprises. People really go very creative around this time and bring upon innovative ideas to express their love. Everyone wants to be unique in their presentation so that it will really surprise their lover and this expression of love will be remembered and cherished for a long time.

Now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you will be already upbeat and looking for ideas for the big moment. Here are some of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can be treasured and enjoyed together


The most popular and the most common Valentine’s Day gift are the red roses. No one can go wrong with this as everyone love flowers. Combining it with heart shaped chocolates and teddy bears makes it a perfect gift. Each color of the flower symbolizes different meaning and expression. Like red symbolizes love, yellow denotes friendship and pink represents crush. You can also go for bunch of exotic and romantic flowers that will start a day with a happy note.


Another way to make this a romantic day is by giving a beautiful neck piece, watch or a diamond ring to the love of your life. It would not only bring a smile on your lover’s face and but if the present is something they have always desired, then they will be left speechless with admiration, a very precious moment that cannot be forgotten.

Homemade Gifts

You can kick off your Valentine’s Day gift-giving with a fun card-making kit for the kids. As you are celebrating a Valentine’s Day with your whole family, you would like to include your kids also. Not only they will love putting these sweet valentines, but they can give these cards to their loved ones with a hand written message. Let their creative minds meld to create something special for their friends.To get more ideas to make something on your own, you can visit an arts and craft gallery and look for awesome projects. There are plenty of do-it-yourself kits and arts supplies like apparel crafting, beads, craft paintings, floral items and home decor.

• Make a collage of photos of beautiful moments and get it framed.
• Make an artificial flower bouquet that will last long.
• If you love knitting, you can buy colorful yarns and gift your love a handmade scarf, sweater or caps.
• Make jewelry items like bracelets, necklace, rings, anklets or earning. You will find all the items required to make one for your beloved.
• Make scented candles or potpourri for a romantic ambiance.

Whatever project you decide to indulge in, prepare and plan in advance so that it will be ready before Valentine’s Day. The last minute rush to complete an item could ruin it and your efforts will go wasted.

Personalized Cards: Greeting cards

Valentine’s Day greeting cards are very popular as these heartfelt personal greetings relay love messages in the most elegant manner. They are selected with the intention of allowing the recipient to know how much they mean to you. If you are unsure what to pick, go for photo greeting cards where you can have your personal photographs and own message. You might wish to go for a romantic photo of the two of you or a snap of a happier moment. These cards are unique gifts and not like the card brought from the shelf of the shop. You can also go for love books to preserve your most important memories where you can add your photos and captions. Each page of this love book will be a timepiece of amazing moments.

Gift cards

When it comes to giving gift cards, the options are numerous and it can be doubled as Valentine’s Day present. It could be a card of classy restaurants to tickle the taste buds and indulge in ultimate gourmet luxury. The likes and preferences of the receiver are to be considered while choosing a right gift card.

Love Coupons

Love coupons are great way to express one’s feelings and provides a wonderful opportunity to playful and intimate with your partner. Theses are romantic vouchers that can fulfill intimate desires and provide much needed romance and relational stability.

Experience gifts

Those who are bored and tired of giving the same types of gifts every year and want something new and meaningful for their dear ones, then experience gifts are the best option. Instead of buying a gift on Valentine’s Day, buy an experience. Give them the gift of unique experience that they will love to do and cherish their whole life. Some Valentine’s Day experience gift ideas are:

• Vacation: Those who love to create new memories can plan trips to a scenic place and spend quality time in the serenity of the nature. Couples could explore beautiful beaches, take a sun bath and enjoy water rides together. Visiting a countryside is also a good option. One can experience the local food and their culture which is way different from cities. Families with kids can plan trips to amusement parks, museums and chocolate factories where kids not only enjoy but also learn new things.

• Hot Air Balloon Ride: There will hardly be anyone who has not fantasized about hot air balloon rides. It is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples who love thrill and adventure.• National Park Passes: This is a very thoughtful gift for an entire family. One year free access to national parks, forest reserves, recreation sites and wildlife refuges makes it a hot gift among those who appreciate nature.

• Spa Package: It’s a perfect gift for couples who lead a hectic and stressed out life. Couples can go together for a spa and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. It relaxes your body from stress and tiredness and brings back the same enthusiasm and love in your life.

• Romantic Cruise Dinner: One can plan a romantic dinner on a cruise under moonlight, with twinkling harbor and city lights adding magic and romance in the air. Delicious food, entertainment and dancing will make it an unforgettable evening.

Though all amazing gift ideas and gifts will set the right mood for Valentine’s Day, but your involvement, presence and love are the most important things that can truly make this a very special Valentine’s Day. Celebrate this day with lots of love, fun and create a long lasting memory.